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polyworks inspector POLYWORKS Inspector3D metrology software
Cognisco Technologies is offering you PolyWorks | Inspector with a special offer just for the educational marketplace!.
teach-construction Teach ConstructionConstruction Technology
teach-construction MHD MyHairDressersOnline hairdressing training taught by the worlds best practitioners.
ncsimul NCSIMULNCSimul Machine
CAD/CAM is everchanging and soi s your teaching realities!.
ACREOS ACREOSHeavy equipment operator training simulators
Exclusive North American dealer for Acreos.
WinRelay WinRelayElectrical schematics CAD sofware
Winrelay helps you create cabling and panel implantation wiring diagrams for a fraction of the traditional CAD packages..
Guides techniques AutomationXpertElectromechanics and mecatronics
With more than 1,100 pages, it is the most complete and the simplest to use.
PIGNAT PIGNATChemical Engineering
Pignat design and build industrial units, as well as didactical equipment of the utmost quality..
Skillveri Aura Skillveri AuraVirtual Welder
VR simulator for welding training..
Skillveri Chroma Skillveri ChromaVirtual Painter
Perfect VR training tools for Spray painting.
EDISON EDISONElectronic simulation
Edison is a unique 3D environment to learn electricity and electronics..
A complete and extensive software (an online version is also available) for design, analysis and real time circuits testing..

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