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MHD (MyHairDressers)

Online hairdressing training taught by the worlds best practitioners.

MHD is the world’s largest and best destination for online hairdressing and barbering training, featuring in-depth step-by-step training videos from over 70 internationally respected hairdressers and educators.

Whether you’re an educator, a salon owner, a stylist or a student, you’ve picked an exciting time to become an MHD member.

The result of a $7 million investment over the last decade, MHD is a unique blended e-learning platform featuring more than 500 high-quality hairdressing and barbering tutorials across nearly 50 categories from over 70 globally acclaimed instructors.

Learn more at MHD MyHairDressers webpage!


  • Easily register students and track their activity
  • Create and share playlists rapidly with students and amongst the community
  • Professional and safe content
  • Stunning highest quality material on the market
  • Reinforces student engagement
  • Totally complements any other material you might currently be using
  • Complies with all school’s privacy issues
  • Most affordable and cost-effective resource for your student success
  • The world’s largest training resource for hairdressers & barbers featuring more than 500 high-quality tutorials across nearly 50 easily searchable categories
  • Shot from multiple camera angles, the training videos are simply not comparable to anything you’ve come across before
  • Categories and sub-categories designed to help find exactly what is needed quickly
  • Every tutorial includes PDF note book summaries
  • MHD’s playlist functionality allows you create bespoke learning pathways
  • Videos cover every discipline and experience level – empowering students to build skills or become proficient in niche areas
  • Features world renowned stylist

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    Online hairdressing training taught by the worlds best practitioners. MHD was formed in September 2007 to provide affordable, accessible and instant education to the hairdressing and barbering industry. We were the first to offer online hairdressing training videos and now have the largest library of in-depth step-by-step haircutting, hair colouring and hair styling tutorials available anywhere on the web.


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