Simulation, e-learning and virtual reality

Our most important commitment to you is to make sure that the tools and solutions that you acquired from Cognisco Technologies are answering your needs as much as possible. We’re always trying to shoot for perfection, but sometime we fall short. However, we work real hard to make sure that you’re totally satisfied with your equipment or software!

The following links will take you on our Youtube channel, where you’ll find dozens of how-to short videos, for most of our products. All those videos are relatively short and answers the most frequently asked questions, and sometime less asked questions!

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in these videos, please fill out the form below, with description of the issue and we’ll contact you!

Otherwise, contact us directly at 418 948-4050

Cognisco Technologies has been servicing the educational world since 2006, hence training being an integral part of our DNA. The appropriate training is key to use your hardware or software with success. That explains why each and every single proposal we send always include a training option.

We also offer on a regular basis, webinars and generic training sessions on our software. Please contact us for more details, or to find out when is the next one!


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